Terms & Conditions

By registering a vehicle (seaplane or car) for Wings and Wheels in Hammondsport you must agree to the following terms:

It is agreed that all persons who enter their vehicle for exhibition and competition purposes in the show will abide by the rules set forth by the management. It is also agreed that neither the Curtiss Museum nor the Village of Hammondsport, in which the show is held, shall be responsible to you for personal injury, damage or theft of any part of your entry or display.

The event is rain or shine. There will be NO REFUNDS.

No promotion and/or advertising is allowed with entries unless they are appearing in conjunction with paid vendor space. A single sign may be used to identify your model of vehicle, history of restoration etc. You will also be provided with a windshield card that will be produced from the information you provided during registration. You may place a FOR SALE sign on your vehicle if it is registered and entered in the show.

No music is to be played except by management or a D.J. hired by the Curtiss Museum.


Participants are not required to obtain liability insurance, but are solely responsible for the well being of persons and property that may be injured or damaged as a result of participant’s participation, including, but not limited to, event staff and volunteers, other performers and vendors, and festival attendees, as well as the property of festival staff and volunteers, other performers and vendors, and festival attendees. All participants must meet any applicable state vehicle/driver’s licensing, vehicle registration, inspection and insurance requirements.


The Curtiss Museum and the Village of Hammondsport shall not be liable for damage to or theft of any of participant’s property under any circumstances. Participant is solely responsible for the safety of any persons within or near participant’s property and the security of their property. Additionally, participants are solely liable for any damage they may cause to event property, property rented or donated for use at the event, property of other participants, and property of event staff and attendees. It is important to the Curtiss Museum and the Village of Hammondsport that participants behave in a decorum that does not cause any damage to property and does not encourage attendees to damage property. This is a family oriented event and participant’s conduct should be generally acceptable to all attendees. The Curtiss Museum, it’s staff and volunteers and officials of the Village of Hammondsport reserve the right to determine appropriateness of conduct and will not hesitate to eject a participate or attendee for conduct deemed as inappropriate. Please use good judgment.


The Curtiss Museum strongly suggests that participants and attendees come prepared for severe weather by bringing covers for their property and a plan to evacuate their property and themselves in the event of such weather. Participant is solely responsible for any property damage or injury caused to or by their property.


Participant and Participant’s agents release the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum, its Executive Board, officers, agents and employees, volunteers, event attendees, individually and collectively, to take and use audio/visual images of participant’s person, property, or any other intellectual property participant may bring to the event and any audio/visual images of participant and participant’s agents and/or participant and participant’s agents likeness. Audio/Visual images are any type of recording, including photographs, digital images, drawings, renderings, voices, sounds, video recordings, audio clips or accompanying written descriptions. The images may be used in any manner or media without notifying participant, such as, but not limited to, Curtiss Museum sponsored websites, publications, promotions, broadcasts, advertisements, posters, and slides. Participant waives any right to inspect or approve the finished images or any printed or electronic matter that may be used with them. Participant and participant’s agents releases the Curtiss Museum and their staff and agents, including any firm authorized to publish and/or distribute a finished product containing the images, from any claims, damages or liability which participant may ever have in connection with the taking or use of the images or printed material with the images.